What is the average cost of car insurance per month? Car Insurance In USA

Insurance rates are going to vary depending on what state you live in. The average isn’t going to mean much because the actual amounts people pay vary so greatly. I pay a little over $200/month but that’s for three cars and three drivers. One of them has full coverage which makes a difference. My brother has two teenage sons; you don’t even want to know what that costs. Just the difference to add them to a policy, not the total premium, is far more than I pay.

Way too many variables to answer your question in a meaningful way.

In the United States, I’ve seen figures ranging from about $950 per year up to $1350 or so. It depends on where you live, the type of car you drive, your age, gender, credit ratings, and driving record.
I suggest you contact a local insurance agent or try one of the online quote services.
I am currently paying around $35/month for auto insurance. The car is a 2004 Pontiac. I carry high limits of liability (250/500/250). I don’t carry physical damage (comprehensive and collision), and I have a clean driving record, and better than average credit, which is why I have such a good rate for the coverages I carry.
That varies considerably! Every company has its own rates, too. There are way too many variables involved! It’s impossible to answer when have absolutely no details.
Here’s a list of the determining factors:
Make and model of vehicle, including luxury items, security systems, moonroof, etc.
age of vehicle
Where do you live or have it registered? E.g. Snowbirds from the north who go to Florida for six months often register their cars there because they save on insurance and taxes.
Gender and age of driver, males from 16–24 are significantly higher
Driver history
Dependents who may drive your car
The minimum coverage is required by the state you reside in.
Your coverage and what tiers within the coverage you will use as long as meeting the minimum requirements, there are several levels to each.

For others:
Bodily Injury Liability
Medical payments or Personal Injury Protection.
Property Damage Liability
For you:
Uninsured and underinsured motorists
Comprehensive-has different Defdictible tiers. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium.
A collision can do without if a car is ten years old.
Here is a link to help you try to find the best price. Don’t go through an agent, as you will pay a lot more so you don’t have to pay the middle man! Most companies have direct now such as Geico and Progressive, for example.
Car insurance costs depend on multiple factors which include
Make and model of car, whether it is a luxury car or sports utility vehicle.
The insured declared value of the car which is decided at the time of taking insurance. It is the value given by the insurer on the total loss of vehicle or theft.
Engine capacity, higher the engine capacity higher the premium
On choosing a comprehensive cover over third-party insurance plan, you could pay a higher premium however you get insurance coverage for your own damage and also third-party claims, whereas in the third-party cover we get only cover against third-party claims
Driving record: A rider with a good driving record would get a lower premium than a rider with a bad driving record.
What is the average monthly cost of car insurance?
You are likely to get a better answer if you ask “what is the average monthly cost of eating out?”
Do you eat 1x per month at Mcdonald’s or every lunch and dinner at a fine dining establishment?
The cost of car insurance is dependent upon you (age, sex, experience, tickets, accidents, how you drive), your car (Ferrari or Ford, Lincoln or Lexus), and where you live (Manhattan, NY or Manhattan KS).
There are a lot of factors that determine your cost of insurance.
Your age
Your sex
Your experience (That includes years of driving, tickets, and accidents)
The state you live in
Where the car is garaged (That means the address that is listed)
The automobile is insured.
Last but not least, is your credit rating.
Put all these together and you will know how much it will cost you to get insurance.
I’m not sure how much use knowing an average monthly car insurance cost will be to you. You’d be better finding out how much insurance is going to cost you for whatever car you choose.

Car insurance costs will vary enormously depending on where you are in the world, who you are – driving experience/age/past claims history/past accident history/past driving record (speeding fines, etc.), and the type/performance of the car.
I’ll give you a couple of examples though. I currently pay £275 a year as a 60-year-old with no claims/accidents/driving offenses in the past 5+ years, living in the London suburbs for fully comprehensive coverage on a 7-year-old Toyota Avensis.
A couple of years ago my younger daughter – she’d have been 21 at the time, at university in Manchester, paid close to £2000 a year for 3rd party fire and theft coverage on a 2004 1.6 liter Ford Focus. I now have that car on my policy, whilst she’s overseas, and fully comprehensive cover costs me £177 a year.

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