Suffering from unbearable arthritis? Find out the way out …

Knee pain in middle-aged women is now a well-known problem. Although now men and women of any age are constantly suffering from osteoarthritis. In addition to knee replacement, it is possible to stay healthy for a long time with a number of conservative treatments.

It is basically a degenerative disease. However, now for various reasons, it is also seen in many young people. In this case, the cartilage in the joint is eroded due to inflammation and rubbing the bone with the bone causes pain.

1. There is excruciating pain in the large joints (knees, waist).
2. The bones bend.
3. Joint stickiness or inability to move limbs.
4. Joint swelling or tenderness
5. The pain is more at night.
. It will be difficult to walk.
. Decreased ability to work on a daily basis.
. If it is too much, he becomes bedridden.
Which joint is more prone to it?

The knee joint is one of the largest joints in the human body. This is where osteoarthritis is most common. It is also found in the joints of the waist, ankles and wrists.
Risk factor
1. Age
2. Obesity
3. Do not exercise regularly
4. Luxurious lifestyle
5. Addiction to alcohol and smoking
. The habit of sitting as a babu or squatting for a long time.
. Excessive pressure on the injured area increases the risk of arthritis.
. If you have diabetes or hormonal disorders.

If symptoms of this type of pain appear, the diagnosis is made by X-ray, CT scan and MRI if necessary.
1. Early stage physicians treat with some necessary exercises and anti-inflammatory medicine.
2. If it is too much, supplementation injection or steroid injection is required.
3. Pain is treated with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, P-cap, brace, belt etc. to control it.

4. Even after this, the brittle bones are cleaned by arthroscopic surgery.
5. If the results of all types of treatment are not as expected, the last treatment is joint replacement surgery.
To be good
1. Weight must be controlled.
2. If there is pain in the old wound, you should not work with pressure on that place again.
3. Not carrying extra weight.
4. Exercise regularly instead of taking pain killers.

5. Eat more calcium or dairy foods. Vitamin D is very important. So put the sun on the body.
. You have to give up the habit of sitting on the ground like a babu.
. It is important to consult a doctor immediately if any symptoms occur.

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