How can we get fat ??

We humans know health is the most precious human right. We can’t afford to have a lot of money if our health is good. So we have to keep our health right.

We need to keep our BMI between 18 and 24 in the morning. Problems with seeing more are less problems.

Now the question is what is BMI?

The full form of BMI is Body Mass Index.
It allows us to determine the normal weight of a person.

How can we make slim health fat?

According to the medical language, if the BMI is below 18, he is considered as underweight or slim health. When a person weighs less than normal, he faces many problems. According to one’s own will, one encounters many obstacles in one’s life. Many also broke down in despair. Some even commit suicide. Today we will learn many practical things about getting fat.

1) Balanced diet:

When people are underweight, the most important thing for us is balanced diet. We should always make sure that we get the 6 ingredients of the food.
We need to eat more and more protein rich foods. Such as: chicken meat, fish, pulses, pulses rich khichuri, sweets, etc. High protein rich foods.

2) Increase the amount of food:

If our health is thin then you must understand that you are not eating enough food.
Because our body burns 1800 kcal of energy every day. Now if you eat less than this then the wound will remain in your body.And if we eat more than that, then the energy of extra food will be deposited in our body. We need to eat at least 2500 kcal of food. This will make it easier for us to gain weight.

3) Exercise:

Exercise can reduce the weight of a person, just as exercise can increase the weight of a person. So we need to exercise regularly for 1 to 2 hours.
Exercise increases growth hormone production. Due to which our body develops.

4) Proper sleep:

We need to get enough sleep or rest. You can’t wake up at night. When you wake up at night, the amount of serotonin decreases. Due to which our blood pressure is not under control. This can lead to heart problems, diabetes, etc. So we can’t be indifferent about sleep.

5) Soft drinks:

Soft drinks are very useful for weight gain. We will try to have drinks whenever we go out. This will increase your fat intake. So we need to be aware of this.

By observing the above 5 things we can increase our weight.

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